Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hello guys!!

Okay, so this week has been pretty sad. I had to say good bye to Clement on Wednesday which was really sad. Yes, I cried, but that´s not news, I always cry. Anyways, I really miss him, he was a great companion and a great friend. He was a really great guy and very trustworthy. But, it´s alright coz I get Elder Shaw. Elder Shaw is from Austin, Texas and has way too many interests for me to write down but he´s great and we´ve had a great time since he got here. 

This Christmas doesn´t feel too Christmassy but I´m sure as I continue to devote myself to the Lord, that it´ll still be a great Christmas!!
Anyways, so a couple of stories from this week: 

Firstly on Tuesday me and Clement stayed up till like 1am to pack his stuff but also to make sure the house was clean for when Shaw would arrive. That was probably the most tiring night ever. There was so much to pack plus in the process of packing the house looked a mess so we had a lot to clean up. But we got it done and when we went to bed the apartment looked great. Then on Wednesday me and Elder Shaw had a really long trip back home because we had to haul all of his stuff through the train and I´ve never had to do that because I´ve always had a car while on my mission. I was sooooo sad to see the car leave. It was soooo nice to have a car plus I´ve never not had a car which means I have to adjust to working in Den Bosch without it. But it´s worked out pretty great. 

So on Friday we had a lesson with our investigator Timo. Timo is sooooooo awesome. He´s 20 years old and me and Clement taught him for the last two transfers and he´s now had all the lessons and is getting baptised in January. But we´ve now decided to give him refresher lessons so we started with the Restoration. And it was so awesome because we would talk about one of the points and he would bear testimony. Then at he end of the lesson he said he was thinking about going on a mission which was AWESOME!!!!!!! He is like the perfect investigator and I can´t wait to see him progress!!!

Then a cool thing happened in another lesson. The investigator wouldn´t commit to reading from the BoM unless a sister missionary asked him to do it. So we pull out our phone and call a sister that we both know and she just commits him right then and there and it was such a funny experience. 

Okay, that's it for this week!
Elder Serra

Some Photos from the Christmas Zone Conference from last week:

Antwepen and Eindhoven Zones - Elder Serra right in the middle

Elders Brunner, Stanworth and Harry 

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