About me

Hey, I´m Elder Serra. I´m serving in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission speaking Dutch and Portuguese (I know right.. weird!) I originally come from Portugal but live in England in the best ward ever: Ipswich!. I don´t know what got you to check out this blog but I hope that it helps you to realise that the Gospel which me and my companions around the World are teaching is true and that the experiences that I´ll share were not only guided by the Spirit but are the best I´ve ever had. Have a good read and stay strong in the faith. #TheGospelisTrue #What´saMissionary 

Here's a video when I opened my Mission Call to find out where I was supposed to be sent to share the gospel

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  1. Parabens pela decisão, e parabens aos pais. Para a semana estarei na Holanda, pode ser que nos encontremos.