Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey Fam!!

This week has been great! Den Bosch is awesome and I´m really starting to love missionary work. It´s so fun and I´m glad I´ve found this joy in the work so early on. The language isn't so bad now, I can mostly understand what some people say but some subjects that I´ve never talked about still go over my head. Elder Clement loved the t-shirt you got him, and so did I, it was the best pun I've ever heard in my life!!!!!!!  

Well, this week has been pretty exciting!! On Monday we spent about four hours making cinnamon rolls for our old ward mission leader which was pretty fun plus they tasted awesome! As Elder Clement would say, we came up clutch!! Then exchanges on Tuesday and Wednesday were awesome. Me and Elder Gleave contacted sooo many people on Tuesday while we were travelling between appointements and found about 3 potentials which is awesome. Then with Elder Walker on Wednesday I got to go to Mastricht and that city is beatiful and it´s full of nice people so we got to contact a lot of people as they were walking in the Centrum. I really felt during those two days the gift of tongues working within me as I contaced people. Normally in Den Bosch Elder Clement contacts most of the people since he speaks the better Dutch but since I didn´t have him to save me on exchanges I just got into it and I really felt like they could understand me better than before. I feel like I´m finally getting a hang of contacting and speaking to people. It is by no means easy but I feel like the Lord is helping me and I guess that´s all I can ask for. 

Then we had the singing elders over... They´re awesome!!! It was soo much fun having them around bringing the spirit to us as they sang. After the concert I was so inspired and I felt like I really threw myself into the work after the concert and it was a great night's work. I´m so glad that I got to spend time with the singing elders who are such great examples of missionary work to me!

The singing elders are elders in our mission who go around and sing to members and less actives as a preview of the concert they will give in the area. The concert is about the life of a girl called Emma and they just sing hymns that talk about different stages in life.... it´s the best thing ever!!!

Well, I guess that´s it for this week! Love you mum!!!!!!! Hope the house is going great!!!!!!!!! Tell the whole family that I love them a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Serra

Elder Serra with Elder Clement ready to translate at the "singing Elders fireside" 

Don't know what that is??

Baking cinnamon rolls

A  boat trip inside the canals

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