Monday, November 2, 2015

Here is an excerpt of Elder Serra's Email this wek:

Ok, Spiritual Experience Time!!!

So we´re out teaching this investigator and she´s 29 and has a baptismal date, let´s call her Marie #notactualname. So while we´re teaching it´s going great and were teaching her about the Holy Ghost and I share that scripture from 1 John 4 and I talk about the feelings that I had where I first read it and it was great, I could feel myself feeling those exact same things again and it was a real testimony to me that the Spirit will always testify of the truthfulness of the Gospel if you´re ready for it!

Funny Experience Time!!

So on Friday I went on exchanges with one Elder Roberts who is probably the best missionary at contacting people ever. Anyways, so we have a great days work and go home and when we get in, he brings out a small book that his girlfriend wrote him about how they met, and he reads it out to me. And that was the funniest story I´ve ever heard, I´ll have to email him for some quotes from it but it was hilarious!!! Anyways, another funny thing is that morning me and Elder Roberts made a video of us two.... I´ll send you the video next week, it´s hilarious!!!!


So we have 3 really

Marie #notactualname: I only met her last Thursday because we've always been on exchanges when we've had appointments with her so I don´t know a lot but she´s really awesome and came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. The cool thing is that she´s only had 3 lessons altogether but is already looking to get baptized which is awesome!!! Also, she has a cool dog so that´s great!!!!!

Tom #notrealname: he´s been waiting to be baptized for a while but his parent haven´t been really up for it until recently. He´s 19 and has been to America with a Mormon family which is were he got interested. He plays rugby so he´s pretty buff. He´s also 19 so he´s like one of the guys. He´s a Homie!!!!!!

Artie #canttellyouhisname he speaks Portuguese so our lessons are in Portuguese which is great. He´s married to a Portuguese less active and has a lot of deep questions so let´s hope I have some deep answers. Anyways, he has been coming to church for a while and everyone loves him so let´s see if we can´t get him on Date..

This week hasn't been that hard... I had a pretty great interview with President so it sort of sorted out my whole week really ;)

Ok, I love you and Miss you guys a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On his Pday last week, Elder Serra had a visit from a family of his ward in England and had a really good time! Being spoiled is an understatement!! 

His smile says it all!

Thank you Donker's!!


And more food!!

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