Monday, April 11, 2016

Hey Guys! It's been a great week actually!!!

It started last Monday when we had a great p-day. We had a lesson halfway through the day so we ended up just working during the afternoon which meant that we had the whole night free. So we ended up getting home and deciding to watch the Testaments as part of movie night. It was pretty fun and a nice little night in per say. 

On Tuesday we taught a lesson to an old man that lives in basically a scary looking attic. It's all dusty and doesn't look like it's been cleaned that much... But he's a nice guy. So we actually spent a lot of time during that lesson trying to clear up his doubts about receiving an answer and knowing that the church is true. It's actually a wonder that the more I explain the process of developing faith and receiving an answer to a question the more sense it makes to me. It makes complete sense! In the world, even small children understand that you have to work for things. Parents have jobs to pay for the house while children do well in school so they can receive gold stars on their work. It's a process of works and results. When we pray to Heavenly Father and exercise faith through obeying commandments He blesses us with an answer to our question and blesses us with more faith so that we are able to exercise more faith and receive more answers. It's a completely fair process and it correlates perfectly. And then it isn't. Because although nothing is lost when He gives us answers (because knowledge can only be shared not taken away) we can receive so much more than is given. The peace from the knowledge he gives us and the comfort we can feel through that peace is unattainable anywhere else. It comforts me to know that Heavenly Father has a process set up for us to receive answers and comfort therein. One which is completely fair but blessedly unfair at the same time. Anyways, the rest of that day was great too. We found a lady that was really interested and who invited us back to meet the rest of her family so we'll see how that goes!

Wednesday we were out contacting and we found a guy and a girl from Luxembourg who talked to us for about an hour and 45 mins about basically everything! Like, if they had had a testimony of everything we'd said they could have been baptised. Or at least they would have had all the required missionary lessons. It was a really nice talk and the man was actually really interested. They both gave us their emails and told us to email them sometime so that was pretty positive.

On Thursday we had quite a normal day of contacting, a lesson fell through but instead we found an old investigator and made a return appointment. The biggest thing that happened was that we had ward council on Thursday and the Branch President showed everyone the stats of the ward and it made me and Elder Leigh realize how many inactive there are and I guess we felt pretty inspired because we've now started to contact inactive and really started making that a part of out weekly planning. 

On Friday we had weekly planning and then interviews in the afternoon. It was a really fun day and it was actually, for terrorist reasons, the first time that I was able to meet my district this transfer and they're great. It was soooo much fun. 

Elder Serra

 Photos!!! Yaaaaay!!!

After a hard day's work

WE found a cool windmill in the middle of a city!!!

Lesson with Anthony, he's the best!

And some selfies just for fun while Elder Leigh was in the toilet!!

And the Doezie family visiting from Southern California!! They had the pleasure to attend church with us in Brugge on Sunday!!!!!!! 

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