Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello peeps!

Well this week was.... something... :P So It started out really great. On Tuesday we had a great day where we went around Brugge contacting the potentials we found the week before. We found about 11 people last week and that meant that we had a lot of work to do on Tuesday. At the end of the day we ended up getting in contacting with a potential who let us in right then. We said we didn't want to take up too much time so we gave her an explanation about the Book of Mormon and made an appointment for the next day. 

On Wednesday we had two great member presents with a potential we found last week as well and with this lady (Maggie). The first lesson was great and then we went over to Maggie. We taught her the Restoration and about how to receive answers to your prayers. We then had her pray. We asked her if it would be okay if we could be silent for a little bit after the prayer so she could have time to think. After the prayer we were quiet for a second and then she started crying! Now don't get me wrong when someone is crying that's usually bad, but it was great to see her feel the Spirit. She asked us why it was that she felt like that and then we were able to testify about the Spirit. It was a great lesson. It really showed me that the Spirit really can give answers right away. When we exercise enough faith in Him, He will always give us an answer. 

On Thursday we had a great day in another small town called Gistel. While we were doing some look-ups in the area we looked up a lady that had talked to us at the door for a very long time a few weeks ago. She let us in and we taught a great lesson and I don't know when but when we were talking I asked her if she thought she could receive an answer to her prayers and she said outright "No" and I asked her why. And, as if quoting Laman and Lemuel, she said 'God doesn't answer my questions, he doesn't just talk to us like that" I felt as if the experience with Maggie fueled the testimony I was able to give to her. That God answers prayers, that he can and will answer our pleas when they are sincerely spoken. That He is our Father and like a father, he will always answer the sincere questions of his children. That through the Spirit she could have a spiritual experience, right then and there, where God would let her know that the Book of Mormon and our message were true. That He would always answer, no matter the question and that it would be on his time. Yeah, that was a great lesson.

On Friday we taught a French Lesson. We brought a member along and he translated the lesson for us and the man in the family prayed and it sounded pretty sincere although I didn't understand a lot of what he said.

And then came Saturday. Saturday is usually great and this one seemed  like it would be even better. Because of CONFERENCE!!!! Normally on Saturdays we go to a small town and we go on splits with the members of our ward. In that town we are teaching 3 different people and so we were set to have three great member presents. However, before we even got to the town, 2 had already cancelled via text and when we looked up the second he wasn't home.... But hey, we still had Conference. We came to the chapel and we listened to Saturday Morning session and then went home. 

Sunday we had to work the whole  way (mostly) until 3:30 and then watch all the sessions of conference in one go because a member needed to use the only internet cable in our chapel. But it was okay because it meant we got to listen to President Uchtdorf spit out the funniest line in Conference ever. "For those under the deception they have to find the PERFECT woman before they can enter into serious courting or marriage, my beloved brethren, may I remind you, if there were a perfect woman, do you really think that she would be that interested in you?" That line made my day!

Well, thats it for this week
 Elder Serra

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