Monday, May 2, 2016

Hey Guys!!!

So this week was kinda fun! Let's see... it started out on Monday when me and Elder Leigh headed to Brussels to have a P-Day with the Rest of our District. This last District has been the best on my mission. These guys guys all hold a special place in my heart and I'm going to miss them soooo much. But that's mission life I guess. Anyways, it was a pretty busy day where we take a lot of trains and trams to get around to see everyone and then we finally arrived back home. Then we began to clean and in Elder Leigh's case to pack! It was sooooo tiring. But we got it done and then had some well deserved sleep.

On Tuesday was Transfer Day and you know what that means..... that travel is not on time or doesn't happen at all!! Satan definitely knows how to annoy the Belgium/Netherlands missionaries and that is by messing up travel on Transfer Day. On Transfer day there's a ton of missionaries trying to reach their new cities and there are missionaries waiting to receive them at different stations and when trains don't come or aren't on time it messes up EVERYONE'S schedule. But we make it work. Plus, it's a day where you get to see other missionaries so that's never such a bad thing. Anyways, Elder Troumbley happened to be on a train to Brugge when the train declared it wasn't going to Brugge, but to Antwerpen. And that there was going to be a 3 hour delay getting there.... yeah, that sounds fun right? So I had to pick him in Antwerpen instead. Anyways, by the time we got home we had only time ot unpack. But it was a nice day. It was pretty sad saying goodbye to Elder Leigh but it's a good thing he only "dies" one transfer before me!

On Wednesday it actually wasn't the best day, at least for Elder Troumbley since it was his first day. Basically we had 6 teaching appointments set up and 2 were joint teaches.... and no one was home... at any of them!! It was sorta of disapointing. But We didn't let it get us down still managed to have an awesome day! We talked to a lot of people and managed to have some pretty funny conversations. One in particular with an African Lady who ended up inviting us to go have food at her house sometime. Ans because we LOVE food, we couldn't say no! ;)

Thursday we had an ok day. The most interesting thing was that we had ward council that night where were are now starting to create a new ward mission plan and that's pretty exciting. It's so awesome seeing the members being sooo willing to move the work forward!

Friday and Saturday were pretty normal working days. On Saturday we had the opportunity to do some service for a lady we found on the street and we now have a teaching appointment so that's awesome!! 

Yeah, that's pretty much this week!!!

Which brings me to my new companion Elder Troumbley!!!!!!!
So, Elder Troumbley is from Idaho. He moved around in his youth which he thought was pretty awesome. He's going to do robotics when he goes back to Uni and he's an extremely funny guy. These last few days have been really awesome. He's a really neat sort of guy so the apartment has never been sooo clean!!!!

Anyways, That's it for this week!
Elder Serra

Elder Troumbley... looking fly!

Best Photosss Everssssss!!!!

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