Monday, May 2, 2016

Hey Guys!!

Well, this week was pretty good actually. On Monday we were in Gent with most of our District and we walked around the city, which was really nice plus it's always awesome to be with the Brussels Business District! On Tuesday we had the last District Meeting of this transfer which was really sad. This transfer has been really awesome and I really am going to miss this District as it was this transfer. But I'm sure the next District will be just as awesome. Anyways, after that we went back to Brugge where we had a lesson in the park with our most positive investigators. They're 3 Phillipino women and they are a hoot, it's so much fun to be with them and they're really awesome! 

On Wednesday we had to go to Oostende where we had 4 lessons planned. However, 2 of them cancelled which was sad but me and Elder Leigh made the most of it and ended up having a fun day talking about a whole bunch of things. I'm sooo glad that I got to spend this last transfer with Elder Leigh. He's sooo awesome and really is one of my best friends here in the mission. Anyways, later that day, we met a lady on the train from Nigeria and we got to talking about food and the thought came into mine and Elder Leigh's mind to dinner contact. Dinner Contacting is the theory brought to us by Elder Roberts, that you try to get in with potential investigators who aren't incredibly interested by asking them about their culture and their food and then you ask if you can have dinner with them. Then, if the dinner appointment goes through, you share a message at the end and see what comes from it. Anyways, we tried and it didn't work but it was pretty fun so I think we'll probably do that again. 

Thursday we worked in Oostende again because we had a whole load of referrals there and we decided to look all of them up. As we were doing so, we were contacting people here, there and everywhere and we ended up setting up 7 appointments for next Wednesday alone! It was a great day and if they all go through I don't know how we'll keep track of all our investigators! So that was a great day!!

Friday we had Weekly Planning and we got a lot done there. Then on Saturday we had a great day travelling along the coast to look up referrals and also to contact a few potentials. Unfortunately none of them were home which was kind of disappointing but We found this one guy called Ryan and he was SUPER positive so that was a day well worth it. 

Sunday we had church and we figured it was going to be Elder Leigh's last Sunday and so we spent some time taking pictures and saying goodbye. It wasn't the most interesting day until we got... TRANSFER CALLS! So we found that that I'm....................... STAYING IN BRUGGE. And my new companion is Elder Troumbley, who you guys don't know but I'll tell you more next week! Anyways, after that we finished up the day and went home and me and Elder Leigh just had a nice talk about how much we were going to miss each other.

That's it for this week
Elder Serra

Sister Majors, looking happy!!!

Me and Elder McKay, the two best looking elders anywhere in Europe!!

Oh sorry, I think that's me and Elder Leigh! sorry McKay...

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