Monday, March 28, 2016

Hey Guys!!!!!

Well, this week has been exciting in a whole different sense. Starting on Monday we had a nice P-day. We had a lesson with an inactive member and he says he's going to start taking the steps towards coming back to church. He's a great guy and I have faith he'll do great now that he's really committed. 

Then Tuesday. That was a day and a half. It started with the call in the morning about Brussels. We didn't realize what had happened but the Zone Leaders told us to just not take any trains and buses which wasn't sooo bad because we had to work in Brugge anyways. However, it was a pretty sad day in terms of contacting. People everywhere wouldn't talk to us because they couldn't believe that a loving God would let something like that happen. However, we ended up talking to a woman who after expressing this 'concern' we talked to her about the agency of men and what a gift for good it could be if only we tried to learn of and live like our Saviour. She was really interested and we have an appointment in a few days. A true testimony that the work of the Lord cannot be stopped even on days like Tuesday. 

Then Wednesday we actually did have the events affect us a bit. We normally go to another city to work on Wednesday but because we weren't allowed to take buses we had to cancel a few lessons. However, that meant we got to get a hold of a lot of potentials here in Brugge so no time wasted I guess.

Thursday was a normal working day were we actually had a really interesting lesson with an old lady that had already read the Book of Mormon and the Bible. She was actually so familiar that she was trying to use the Book of Mormon to say that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the same. She was brought Catholic. However, to teach, me and Elder Leigh realised that we would need to learn a bit more and then practice how to explain it in Dutch. And it actually made for  a great realization about my knowledge of my Saviour. The reason why it is so difficult for other people to understand the difference between God and Jesus is because there is barely any. We are on this Earth to achieve perfection. Perfection is an attribute that gives us or anyone who has it, a certain look or glory. You look and feel and act different when you are perfect. Both Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are perfect. They give off the same glory and to someone without a personal relationship with either of them can easily confuse them. Not only that but to describe perfection in one is to describe perfection in another. They are both so similar that the only difference is that one is the Son of the Other. That one is the Father of our Spirits and the Other the Saviour of our Spirits. We worship them both because of their perfection but we worship One because of the Plan he has made for us to be perfect and the Other because he has made that Plan possible. And so, as when meeting twins, the only way you will come to know who is who is by building a personal relationship with them. 

Well, then on Friday we found out that the Brussels Elders were going to be coming over to work in our city because theirs is too dangerous. So since then it's been pretty fun. We've had the opportunity to really get a lot of work done with contacting different people and getting to a lot of the referrals. 

Well, Then Easter Sunday came around and the funniest part was a dinner appointment we had with a family from Brugge and it was so nice to spend time with them on such a special time of the year. 

Elder Serra

Elder Leigh!!!

Me and Elder Leigh found a beach, it was pretty sick!

Antwerpen and Eindhoven Zones

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