Monday, November 9, 2015

Hey Guys!!

So this week has been awesome!! 

On Tuesday we had to say goodbye to the Senior Couple that was working in our area #sadface. Buuut it meant we finally got to try Sister Hills fajitas and that was flipping awesome. We had great time and we had a lot of food plus, since everyone was american besides me, they all reminisced over America which was hilarious, literally, so much American pride you can't even handle it!!!  

Anyways, then on Thursday we had Harry van de Sande with us!!!! So backstory, Harry is a convert to the church and he´s like 76 years old or something. However, once he was baptized he loved missionary work so much that he decided to just become one. So he basically teaches with the missionaries in Eindhoven, and walks around with the missionaries and dresses like a missionary and, the best part, is that he´s done this for long enough so hat the church just decided to give him his own tag!! He´s like a fully qualified awesome missionary. Anyways, he came down to our city and we had boschebolle, which is basically a cream filled ball of yumminess!!! 

Then on Friday we found this awesome trail of trees as we were walking to an appointment and it looked like Narnia, so many leaves and it went on forever!!!

Also, I should have mentioned him earlier but I forgot... oh well! Theo is the first lesson I had to give in Dutch when I arrived here and he´s just the most carrying guy. He can´t physically go to church because he´s so old so we have to go to his house twice a week and he´s such a nice guy!!!! Pray for him, he´s pretty old and always tired!! 

Then last crazy story!! Late last night we had an undercover cop car stop someone in front of our apartment!!! it was bonkers!!!!!!! 

Also, last thing, last night was transfer calls and I´m staying in Den Bosch with Elder Clement for this transfer which is great because it´s his last!!!! Unless you´re getting transferred, transfer calls aren't really that exciting. But I found out that two people from my district got transferred so it´ll be fun to find out who the new guys are!!!!

Cool experiences this week, we taught a lesson to our investigator this week about what would happen when he became baptized and how it would be hard at times and he needed to trust in the Lord and he was just so ready for it. He told us how he´d been waiting a while to get bapized and that he knew that Satan would tempt him but he said he was ready, that he was committed to living his life the way he should and it was great, you could really feel the Spirit of what he said, I´m so happy that I was there to experience his testimony. We've almost set a date since he´s waiting for on of his friends from America to come visit and baptize him but he´s almost there!!!!!

Ok, I love you guys, I miss you all like crazy and I hope everything´s going good over there!!!!

Our last District picure together before the Hills left :(

Harry eating a boschebolle.... AWESOME!!!

Pictures from the Tree Trail (as it is now dubbed)

Theo and his wonderful smile!!!!!

Undercover Cop Car.... yeah, that actually happened!!!

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