Monday, November 23, 2015

So you can understand, it was my birthday on Saturday, and I didn't receive any card.... obviously I complaint!!! (MUM)

Elder Serra's reply to my email this week:

Woah Mother!!!!! The card´s in the mail!!!!!!! Jez Luise......!!!! How could you not trust your beloved son to send you a card ;)

Okay, I actually don´t have a lot of time this week because today we´re playing AMERICAN FOOTBALL!!!!!! IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!! I´m so excited and we have to leave in a second so I´ll just briefly go through the things that happened this week! Also, I´m sorry but the camera wasn't working this week up until Saturday so I haven´t got any pictures but I´ll redeem myself next week!!! 

So firstly we had Zone Training were the whole zone got together and it was great to see Elder Stanworth and Elder Brunner (MTC Group) and catch up a little bit. The Zone training was so spiritual and I learnt so much about what I can do as a missionary to find the elect of Christ. It made me really happy that I was missionary! Is all I´m going to say about it!!!!!!

Then we had a whole bunch of exchanges with other missionaries which meant I got to learn a lot in terms of things I could do better as a missionary. I feel like this week I was able to grow so much in terms of what I can do to help others progress. 

Then I feel like it culminated in this experience:

So this week I found a guy at the door who was Muslim but had rejected the Muslim faith because it didn't have the answer to his questions about why we´re here. (btw he only speaks English) And so me and a different companion (Elder Clement was on exchanges) went in and thought the Plan of Salvation. At the end we thought him to pray and told him to pray with us.... He didn't say it out loud like mos people but he knelled silently and spoke to Heavenly Father for 8 or so minutes.... Let me tell you now... I could feel the spirit so strong and I knew that he was praying for answers even if I couldn't hear him and I knew that this was someone that needed the gospel and all that it contains. 
It was also nice to know that I know a lot about what I´m here to do and that´s awesome!

Okay, I promise to send pictures next week!!!!!

I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Serra

PS: For those of you reading this in the blog.... I DID NOT FORGET MY MUM´S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Since he didn't send any photos this week, here is the photos of his planner from last week's email (MUM)

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