Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Hey Guys!!!!

So, on Monday we went and were present at this Catholic "Discussion" which was talking about why Catholics worship saints. Not saying that they´re wrong or that they´re misguided but it was a nice confirmation for me that the gospel is true and that Catholics be crazy. Very nice people, but just slightly... off. The church is so true that it´s impossible to deny, especially when you hear about what the natural man has come up with to replace it. But, they were definitely nice people doing their best to follow Christ and that was something to admire.

On Tuesday we had Zone training which was great and really made me see where I can improve myself in terms of my teaching skills. Also, it made me realise that it doesn´t matter if I´m a good teacher if I can´t communicate with the people so I´ve decided to take a new and improved approach to Language study. (Thanks to Sister Bunnell and her comments).

Then the rest of the week just sorta went by. Nothing incredibly exciting. We taught a few lessons and found a few people. I guess the most exciting thing was finding that student housing is a gold mine for knocking doors. But besides that, nothing too exciting. But I feel like that´s what a mission is like. Every day isn´t a monumental spiritual moment. Sure, you get PLENTY of those, but for the most part you´re here to help others grow and not to look for moments like that in yourself. So you suddenly realize that you can´t think of anything excititng because you´ve gotten lost in the work. You´re just out there doing it and it feels great but nothing monumental happens. Juts very normal days that go by so quick because you´re doing the Lord´s work and you don´t even realize how fast it´s going. Because nothing monumental happened this week, it´s probably been the fastest week of my mission.

Anyways, that was my rumble this week.

See you next week

Elder Serra

Zone Conference (photos by Renata Verboeket)

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