Monday, January 25, 2016

Hey Guys!!

Well, Surprise!! I´m staying in Den Bosch!. Well, I got to say, it took a bit of adjusting. I was so convinced that I was going to be transferred that when I found out we where staying it shocked me so bad. But I get to stay here with Elder Shaw and I get to see Timo get baptised and I get to work with some awesome people that me and Elder Shaw have found this transfer. So I´m expecting some big things this transfer. 

Well, on Tuesday we had 2 appointments fall through, plus a dinner appointment so actually it was a pretty bad day on paper. But I remember that day as a day where I felt complete and satisfied. I had done missionary work and that felt great. It´s got to do a lot with the fact that I´ve started to get this prolonged perspective that I´m working with Heavenly Father. It doesn´t matter what happens, I´m on his team and that´s the right team so why be troubled right?

On Wednesday we had a interviews and I´m glad we got to do that. I spoke to president and it was awesome to just talk about my growth as a missionary.  I know that the decision for me to stay here in Den Bosch is inspired and I´m glad I have this chance. 

On Thursday I actually saw something funny. As we were studying in the morning I saw a drug deal go down.... so that´s fun. 

From Friday to Sunday that prolonged perspective (that I´m working with Heavenly Father) was tested as 5 more appointments fell through and as more people that we wanted to look up weren't home. However, I saw the fruits of persistence on Sunday. We gave Theo, that old member of the ward a blessing. He was a bit ill and had a cold and he didn't look too great when we got in there. After the blessing though we saw just perk up and him becoming more and more full of energy and his voice didn't sound so scratchy. By the time he saw us to the door, he was doing great. Then we went to look someone up who let us right in and after we´d talked for a bit let us end with a prayer. I said it and afterward she said "I liked that. That gave me a very good feeling." and it was so great to see that she was able to recognize the Spirit working in her. So, a lot of appointments fell through. But I would go through one of these weeks all over to have those two miracles happen again.

Well, that was about it for this week.
Elder Serra

Some photos from Elder Shaw's Blog (with the usual silly faces!!! And a photo from the mission blog (Elder Serra still doesn't have a camera... - of even if he did... ;) 

Tho hanthom!

Elder Serra and the captain.

Eindhoven Zone Conference

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