Monday, January 11, 2016

Hey Guys!!!!!

Well this week has been pretty exciting. It started out great on Monday and Tuesday with a great lesson on Monday and District Meeting on Tuesday. Just to let you guys know that Elder Crowder is just rocking it!! Even though this is his first transfer as a District Leader, he´s just great, he´s just such a great missionary and I really know I can trust him in anything. 

On Wednesday though we found out that Timo couldn't get baptized on the 23rd and it´s moved to the 27th of Feb, which sorta sucks but he´s so awesome that I doubt he´s not going to be baptized so I´m just a bit sad that it´s not this transfer and I may not watch it happening, but as long he gets baptized I´m happy. On Thursday we had a great exchange with the DL and I was with Elder Jones. In the morning I got to study in the Eindhoven apartment and it´s great because that place is just so peaceful and I received so much revelation and I felt so guided coming out of that study. I felt like I had a lot of goals for what I want to achieve in this transfer and I really felt the Spirit guiding my studies. 

I don't know if it was because of the studies or not but on Friday we had a great day. We taught a new investigator called Femke and it was such a great lesson that it was easy to see that this is the sorta of people that I´m here to find. People who are ready for the gospel and want to learn more. Afterwards we had a lesson with a less active old man called Br. Palmans and he was so nice plus he comes from Groningen which means he has a cool accent. Then we had 2 lessons. One with Timo and another with Annemiek. But Timo, who is so ready, came with us on JOINT TEACH with Annemiek and he was so great!!! Just testifying of everything we said and proper laying down the law about what Annemiek needs to do. That day I went to bed so tired but so content with the work that it was great!! 

This week I´ve really started to realize how much I love this work. Although I especially love Den Bosch, I realize that I want to serve these people so much and I´m so glad I have such a long time to do it. I don´t think I realized how much the work is changing me but I´m definitely not the kid who left almost 5 months ago.

In other news, we locked ourselves out of the apartment (again)... obviously we still had a lesson to learn here... ;)

PS: the camera is acting up. I can take pictures but it keeps deleting pictures that I took a while ago and it´s slowly just eating up all the pictures. Plus it won´t take video anymore..... I think it´s time to get a new one if hat´s okay.

Okay, I think that´s it.

I love you guys!!!!!
See ya later
Elder Serra

Some photos and comments from Elder Shaw:

This is Theo! A wonderful member of the ward. He´s a sweetheart!


Beautiful Boxtel!

Also Boxtel.... But not quite so beautiful

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