Monday, March 14, 2016

Hey Guys!!!!

Okay, well, this week has been EXCITING!!!!!! Let´s start at the beginning.

On Monday after I emailed me and Elder Shaw had to go get the bike lock on my bike because I lost the key... yeah, learning responsibility on your mission is hard. So anyways, we get the lock broken and then we go tot say goodbye to one of my favorite families, the Van Dam Family (Pictures below) and they´re awesome. It was really sad to say goodbye to them because they really were great. I can´t wait to come back here after my mission and visit them though! 

Then on Tuesday I had dinner with another amazing family, the Noot Family who are also amazing!! The dad of the family makes knifes as a hobby so we went and ninja chopped some bottles with his biggest knifes.... it was awesome!!!!! It also happened to be their little boys birthday so the whole family was around. Anyways, someone brought the cutest dog ever and I really want one!!!!

Wednesday was HECTIC!!! Wake up and get everything ready then I had to get a train to Eindhoven then wait an hour and ride all the way to Dordrecht then wait 20 mins and then take a ride from there to Antwerpen and another hour wait till I got on a train to Brugge. Just to give you some time parameters, we left Den Bosch at 9:37. I arrived at Brugge with Elder Leigh at 16:29.... And that was just to Brugge. The bus ride to our apartment is 20 mins plus we missed the first bus so... We started working at 6pm! However, it didn´t matter because I was in a great city with a great companion! Brugge is great and I have wanted to serve with Elder Leigh for 3 transfers now so I´m a happy duck!! Saying goodbye to Elder Shaw was pretty hard though, he was a great companion and a great friend. I love the guy and I hope I get to see him before he goes home in June. That´s still a while away so it´s okay. 

Well, then Thursday and Friday we worked a lot and had a lot of fun. People here speak Dutch but it´s a different accent. Flemish is what that´s called. so rather than two languages put together (Dutch and French) it´s more like Ducth with a heavy french accent. Either way, it takes a while to get used to. But, it´s pretty fun. I actually haven´t been in Brugge too much because we work in a lot of other small towns but what I have seen is pretty beautiful. (pictures to come.) 

Then Sunday I met the ward. It´s actually a branch of about 30 people... maximum. However, they were all very friendly and I felt welcomed at once!!!! 

Anyways, that´s it for now!!!!! More news next week!!!!!
Loves, Elder Serra   

Timo´s family!!!! (Timo´s mum is the first woman I´ve hugged on a mission because she´s soooooooo awesome!!!!)

Last picture with Timo!!! :(

Family Klevers!! They´re awesome!!!

Family Van Dam.... It wasn´t her best day but look at that guy´s hair!!

Last picture with Harry Van de Sande, best missionary I know!!!!!

Pictures of the Den Bosch Dragon. I was living next to it for 5 months and never took a picture :P

Cutest dog ever!!!!!

The first spot were I contacted someone on the street in Den Bosch. 

Elder Leigh looking fab!!!!

Some cool buildings in Brugge!!!!!!

The bell tower in the centre of town!!! It´s huge!!!!!!

Me with the funniest dressed lady in Brugge! Not really, she´s someone we do service for but she does dress pretty weird :P

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