Monday, March 14, 2016

Hey Guys!!

Well, the calls have come in and I will be............ GOING TO BRUGGE IN BELGIUM!!!!!! My first actual transfer!! My new companion is Elder Leigh who is a great guy. He was in my first District once I came into the mission and he´s such a great guy, I just love him to death so this will be a great transfer. I´m so excited that I get to serve with him in such a great place. 

Okay, so a breakdown of the week:

It started great on Monday were we had a lesson with a new investigator called Bao. She´s from Vietnam and she speaks.... a lot. But we had a great first lesson and she was still interested so we made a new appointment for following Thursday. That was a pretty good day considering it was P-day but we still got to teach a lesson! 
Tuesday we had 3 lessons planned and District meeting so it was going to be a great day. 

Tuesday we went to district meeting where we were surprised by our District Leader, Elder Crowder, with some confetti as congratulations for Timo´s baptism. We took it very humbly ;) Then we had to go to our lessons. However, we had to wait for an hour and half for the first lesson since he forgot we had one. And the other two weren't home... But we found some cool people knocking doors so that worked out great.

Wednesday was a normal day. We worked in a small village that day where there were a lot of rich houses. We didn't find a lot of people but we worked for a long time and that´s always satisfying. 

Thursday we taught the inactive family that came to church a few weeks ago and they´re preparing they´re daughter for baptism which is great. Hopefully it will get them to try to be more active. 

Friday was dinner with Timo's family!!!!!!! It was such a great appointment. Elder Shaw is a great cook and so is Timo's dad so the two of them made dinner while me, Timo and his mum played cards. However, the cards were massive... like big, big cards so it made for a funny game. Afterwards we actually got to share with them a spiritual message and they liked it so much that both me and Elder Shaw got a hug from his parents!!!! If you knew his parents, you´d understand why it´s so special for me and Elder Shaw that they like us.

Saturday we got calls and I found out I was going to Brugge!!!

Sunday was my last Sunday in Den Bosch and it was actually really sad. I've been here so long that it´s become sort of home away from home. I´m going to miss so many people here and I can´t wait to come back to visit!

Sorry, I forgot my camera, so no photos this week, but I´ll email it all on Monday ;)

Well, that´s it for this week!!
I´ll tell you more next week!!
Loves, Elder Serra

Since there was no photos, I just googled some!

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