Monday, February 8, 2016

Hey Famalam!!

Well this week has been pretty... interesting!!

Monday it started with some shopping around because I was starting to run out of clothes and Elder Shaw loves shopping... Not the most interesting but I now have a new jacket and shoes that make me look baller!! (That'means I look flippin' awesome)!!! 

Tuesday, we had no appointments so we decided to make it a finding day which means we knocked a lot of doors and taked to a lot of people. We ended up finding this street where we found 4 potentials one after another and made 2 teaching appointments. It was one of those days where you feel like you've really worked hard and been recompensed for it. It was also one of the days where me and Elder Shaw had a lot of time to talk to each other so it was great. Got to talk a lot about some pretty cool things and it was a day of companionship bonding.. or whatever you want to call it. 

Wednesday nothing much happened. Talked to a few people, looked up a few former investigators of ours and we had a hard working day. 

Thursday we had a great day with a great dinner appointment and with a lesson at the end of the day. It was with a very difficult investigator that we have who is doing all that he should, he keeps all of our commitments but he's still having trouble. However, we realized that he hasn't really been living the commandments which we feel maybe be hindering his ability of feeling the Spirit. So we've decided to start teaching him the fourth lesson and we hope that will help but we'll have to see. 

Friday and Saturday were the days were we taught Timo. Timo is progressing great!! We finally set his baptismal date, time and place with his parents and we've started to plan everything else for the baptism. Everytime we have a lesson with him, he's so willing to change and become a better disciple of Christ, I can't wait to see him grow in the church. 

Then Sunday was a pretty normal day. The only thing that's been hard this week was Carnival. Carnival here in Den Bosch is actually the biggest social event of the year for everyone basically. It's almost as if it's a celebration of beer. It is by far the craziest thing I've ever seen. Everyone dresses up and then just drinks. All night and all day from Friday to the following Tuesday. It made it really hard to work towards the latter part of the last few days because everyone at the door is busy getting ready to go and party. But I'm still pretty upbeat about the work we can do in this area regardeless which is great.

Ok, Well Love yous Guys
Elder Serra

Also, today I (Elder Serra's mum) received a fantastic email from Henk van Dam, a member from DenBosh, saying:

Dear brother and sister Serra,

Your son is at this time in our ward working and serving the Lord.
I like to thank you for all your efforts and preparing your son for this holy work. We enjoy his work and attitude.
This week was the second time he was visiting us and eat (all) our food, hahaha.
He is a good missionary and you can be proud and happy with a son like Elder Serra.
My wife an I wish you all the best.
See the attached 2 pictures.

Kind Regards,

Henk van Dam

At the Henk van Dam's house

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