Monday, February 29, 2016

Hey Guys!!!

So on Monday we had a great dinner appointment and also we taught in their family home evening. It was great and the kids were really still as Elder Shaw read from the Liahona in a very calm story-reading voice. Then we had Timo´s baptismal interview were I hear from Elder Crowder he passed with flying colors. 

Tuesday we Had a nice lesson and knocked doors. Pretty boring but in a way fulfilling. 

Then on Wednesday I had to go to Den Haag to figure some legal stuff for the office at which point both of our teaching appointments cancelled on us. We then proceeded to knock doors... for 5 hours.... yeah... My feet were pretty tired. However, we found some great potentials and me and Elder Shaw always make it fun. 

Thursday we had exchanges and me and Elder Crowder stayed here in Den Bosch. Then another 2 appointments cancelled on us... you can see where this is going. ;) 

On Friday we had to help the Zone Leaders out by going to Breda. But there were some problems so we had to wait in Breda for quite a while. However, we got to do weekly planning in a train station and that was a fun experience. Then we had a GREAT Joint Teach with Timo where the Bishop and his wife were great. Her and Timo shared some great experiences they had with the Spirit and it was a great last lesson. 

Then on Saturday we had...... TIMO´S BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was GREAT!!!!!!! It didn't go as smoothly as it could have but Timo loved it and it was great!!! Then later that day another lesson cancelled. Then on Sunday we had his confirmation and again it was such a great Spirit that we could feel there. Also, his parents came and it was great to spend time with them and to see them be as happy for Timo as we were. 

Now, the week doesn´t really sound so bad. As a matter of fact, with a baptism how could any week be bad!? However, it was the feeling of it. The whole week me and Elder Shaw could feel Satan trying to try us as best as possible. The appointments were just one part of it. I could barely sleep this past week and same for Elder Shaw. We got to the end of church on Sunday after we had worked out everything and we felt such a load come off our backs. And we realised that he´d been trying his hardest to pull down our spirits and make this week... one of the best I´ve ever had... become also the hardest. However!!!! I can´t explain how happy I am for Timo!! Just seeing him get baptised and then later confirmed was one of the greatest blessings that I´ve experienced in my life. 

Elder Serra

A few cool missionaries!! 

Elder Gleave, award for my funniest exchange!!

 Elder Stanworth, you know all about him!

 Elder Thom who´s going home this transfer and will forever be known as the missionary with the best leaving speec... EVER!!!

I cut Elder Shaw´s hair..... too short... he now looks polish :(

Timo!!!!!!!!!  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture in his white clothes!!   I was busy making sure everything was getting done... sorry... :(

And Elder Crowder cleaning up the font after the baptism.

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