Monday, February 15, 2016

Hey Guys!!!

Well, this week has been sooo busy! It started on Monday when we ended up having to do service for the members we were going to spend P-day with. We had to help them save their hay for the horses they have. Apparently Hay can´t wet or it gets ruined? Anyways, that was an interesting P-day.

On Tuesday we had a really busy day. We ended up teaching 3 lessons and one inactive all the while spending the rest of the day on a bus or train. However, it was great day and it was great to be teaching so much. On Wednesday it was mostly the same except a lesson fell through which wasn't great but we kept going. 

Thursday and Friday were pretty normal days. On Friday we went to Timo and worked out a few more details for his baptism. We then taught him the importance of Sacrament. He then proceeded to tell us how he "did" sacrament. And I was amazed. He said he uses the time for the bread to think of Christ and what He did for us. To think of how grateful he is for His sacrifice for us and how it affects his life. He then uses the time for the water to ask Heavenly Father what it is that he can do better. To apologise for his mistakes in the last week and to ask Heavenly Father how he would be able to improve. He then said that he did that because the sacrament wasn´t for Christ. It was a gift to us and we should use it to better ourselves. We should use the gift of the sacrament to show how grateful we are for his sacrifice and we do this by trying to use it to become more like Him. I was gobsmacked. Here was a 20 year old who had been investigating the church for 7 months in total and he understood the sacrament better than some members of the church. He understands the sacrament, in some ways, better than me. I decided then and there to take the sacrament more seriously. Timo went from just being a great example of an investigator making a change to a great example of a disciple of Christ making a change. Timo has had that change of heart and I´m immensely glad that I have been here to see it happen. 

Sunday ended up being a great day. We had a great service and we had a new investigator just turn up. We have never seen her before but she just wanted to learn more about the church and now we have an appt. for this week so that was awesome. We then also found a new potential investigator who, after the contact,  winked at Elder Shaw. Yeah, he was pretty happy!!! 

Anyways, Lovess  
Elder Serra

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